Friday, August 26, 2005

Happenings this weekend

Here's the lowdown on a few happenings this weekend. I will be attending a couple of lectures at Independent Presbyterian Church this weekend by Dr. Ligon Duncan. IPC has been having a series of lectures each month this year celebrating their 250th anniversary. I greatly look forward to fellowshiping with the IPC faithful and hearing Dr. Duncan speak.

I never mentioned how blessed my church was a few weeks ago to have Dr. James White preach during our Sunday morning services and teach on the Davinci Code that afternoon. I wanted to remind everyone to be praying for him and those involved with his ministries as he will be debating prominent scholar and Jesus Seminar co-founder Dr. John Dominic Crossan, tomorrow night in Seattle. The debate will be on the Truthfulness of the Biblcal account of Jesus, but I am sure it will cover much more than that. Dr. White has been preparing for months and has stated this will be a very challenging debate opponent. Please lift Dr. White up in your prayers as he seeks to give the reason for the hope that we all have in Christ Jesus and defends the accuracy and reliability of God's Holy Word.


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