Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Expectations: Setting the Bar

Welcome to my newest foray into worldwide communication! As the Blog revolution continues to steam forward, seemingly oblivious to the continued growth of internet pundits and daily public journal keepers, I almost daily, ask myself one question in connection to this blog: What in the world wide web can I add to what is already being said? I mean come on, what can I say from the Christian theological perpective about popular culture that Dr. Albert Mohler or Dr. Russell Moore have not already figured out? How can I add to the inside political commentary of Hugh Hewitt? What exegetical/apologetical answers can I uncover that haven't been discussed by Dr. James White? What kind of insights can I add to the discussion of multi-generational family life and patriarchy that you can't find over at Vision Forum? And can someone really think that you'll find the kind of well thought out and Biblically based ideas and commentary that you find over at Justin Taylor's, or Tim Challies', or Tom Ascol's, or Steve Hays', or Phil Johnson's blogs, here at my blog?

Well, the answer is probably no, but I do not want to set the bar so low for myself that I have no motivation to produce a well thought out and interesting blog. For one thing, I hope to provide a place where you can be exposed to some great links and to other blogs that I find interesting, informative, edifying, and just plain excellent. That will be a continual process for me and the blog. You can look over to the right and see my progress thusfar. Secondly, I hope to be able to comment on the happenings of the day in the church, our country, and the world. Thirdly, there are certain topics of discussion that I have interests in. Some of those include ecclesiology, worship, politics and culture, family life, Christian education, apologetics, church history, sports, revisionist history (especially concerning the War of Northern Agression and the founding of the U.S.A.), and summararily, worldview analysis. I am facinated by the idea of the worldview and how the unbeliever, i.e. "the fool"(Psalm 14), has an unworkable, irrational, contradictory, and unconvincing worldview or explanation of truth and reality. Also fascinating and of vital importance is the working out of the Christian faith into all areas of life, something I think is vitally lacking not only in my life, but the lives of most Christians today.

Negatively, I loathe the attitute of some on the internet who feel just because they have a keyboard and an internet access, that they are experts on all topics and therefore have somehow discovered their niche as guardians of all truth and find their main motive in life to be the (insert pet dogma) police over all the internet, or all Christendom, or wherever. If all I ever do here is complain and whine, please find me and put me out of my misery. However, I do reserve the right to point out error and non-truth as I see it, so don't be shocked if I do compain or whine on occasion, just don't let me do it exclusively. Let us all be humble, gentle, and motivated by love. Not just *say* we are motivated by love, but gut check ourselves to see if it is true.

Lastly, I do have a life outside of the internet, a far more important and satisfying one at that. I have a beautiful wife, with a child on the way, a full time job, and am a newly ordained Deacon in a wonderful church family. These duties alone will keep me busy enough, but I do enjoy this outlet and look forward to integrating it into my schedule.

So here goes. Please comment as you desire, I love to read comments almost as much as blogs themselves.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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