Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Recap of the Weekend

Well, consensus is that the weekend went well. On the homefront the lectures delivered by Dr. Duncan on Friday night and Saturday night were very informative and encouraging. God has really moved and used some great men in the past. Particulary moving was when Dr.Duncan spoke on Dr. Benjamin Morgan Palmer and informed us that this esteemed Presbyterian Theologian and Pastor was no stranger to earthly grief as he buried 5 children and his wife before he died. It was a very emotional account to tell and was particularly moving to yours truly. His lecture on Dabney was also excellent and made my evening by mentioning that most pious and Christian General Thomas Johnathan "Stonewall" Jackson. Also Dr. Duncan apparently had to rush home as his hometown was affected considerably by hurricane Katrina. You can read his brief report here.

Also it seems the debate between Dr. White and Dr. Crossan went well also. You can read Mark's recap here and Alan's, here.

Lets continue to pray for those who have been devastated by hurricane Katrina and for the results of the debate to be God glorifying and Kingdom expanding.

Finally, I got the thrill of making my first trip to the Maternity clothing store with my expectant wife! What more could I ask for in a weekend?

Expectantly yours,


Randy said...

Maternity clothes shopping- did you have fun? Appreciate your posts- Dr Duncan on Sunday was good also.

Russ said...

Hey Randy,

Fun? Not sure I could describe it as fun, but it was enjoyable in an already/not yet sense.

Thanks Randy. I look forward to your posts also.

BTY, I am done with your CD's...I'll give you guys a call.


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