Friday, August 26, 2005

Marriage & Divorce

Well, it has been a whole week since I blogged. It has been a very busy week at work, but I have to conclude that is a very good thing, dominion of the earth, providing for my family, and all of that good stuff.

In my absence in the blogosphere others have been picking up the slack. First I direct your attention to an excellent post by Dax here. His subject of divorce became uncanningly timely as just after I read his post I found out one of my family members is getting a divorce from his wife, leaving behind a shattered family with 3 children. I do not talk to this family member much, but I can only pray for a reconciliation before it is too late, and for God's mercy and grace to be shown to this family. This really breaks my heart, for each member of the family, and I think about how many times this same scenario is played out daily, even among professing Christians. Like the recent news story regarding Christian/Pop singer Jaci Velasquez's pending divorce. I have to believe that the failure among Christians is a severe misunderstanding of what Love is, that love is primarily a commitment, and not a feeling. Also problematic is the lack of understanding of marriage as a lifelong covenant between not only our spouse, but the triune God. Where else but the Trinitarian love of God can we see this type of love modeled for us?

Well, these are just random thoughts, but I hope and pray that the church will continue to emphasize the family as the backbone of civilization, and continue to teach the biblical truths of unconditional love. My marriage has been an incredible teacher of this for me, and I need far more sanctification is this area. Please bow the knee and ask our sovereign Lord for continued strength in this area for all the churches and families that you know personally.

Speaking of families here is an excellent article on worshipping with your small children, please give is a read and be encouraged that the family that worships together, Lord willing, stays together!

For His Glory,


Robert Cole said...

I know first hand the devestation divorce brings to a family. Praise God He is faithful and merciful, even in the midst of our messed up lives. I join you in prayer, brother.
In His Grip,

Dax said...

I can remember as a young child at a Christian school being the only kid in class whose parents were divorced. By the time I graduated(from public school) there were only a couple of kids whose parents were still married. Excellent link on including children in worship.
Only by His Grace,

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