Friday, June 02, 2006

SBC Politics

Calvinist pastor, Georgia evangelist likely to square off as 1st VP nomination
By Robert Marus


Dax said...

I liked Dever's comment on wanting to see his local church evangelized. I long to see Ephesus evangelized. I pray God will give us all a deeper passion to disciple and train those in our local congregations.

BJ said...

Russ, your last two post have great evidence that the post mill position is true. The Rockies are Chrsitian and now a Dukie will lead the SBC to the promised land!

Russ said...


I could be wrong about this, but I took Dever's comment to mean he was concerning about evangelizing the area where the Church is, that being the Capital Hill. I could be wrong, and you are right, there are definitely those in our churches who need to be evangelized. Children immediately come to mind.

Russ said...


You're doing eschatology like the Dispensationalists...i.e., from the pages of the newspapers!

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