Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Distressing thoughts for a new Dad of a Daughter

Even though my daughter is not even 4 months old yet, my wife and I have already had a conversation about our daughter's college education, if she chooses to go that route. My initial reaction to that thought process is...I have been to college, know what the college culture is like, and don't want my daughter anywhere near a brazenly secular post-secondary instituion.

After reading Hookup Culture, Biblical Patriarchy, and Campus Ministry by Russell Moore, my initial response seemed to be a good one. Rest assured, while I am no fan of anything Duke related, the environment and attitudes of the students there are not drastically different from college students all over this country, at least that is my conclusion. While reading this article my heart sank as I processed the thought that every woman at every college is some daddy's little girl. As Dr. Moore stated, the clarion call here as a Christian man is to be a Christian father and husband, to raise my daughter as a Christian woman, and to promote this attitude and dedication to family calling as of the utmost import to our current generation of moms and dads, for our next generation of Christian men and women.


Anonymous said...

As a father of two grown daughters and one grown son all I can say is welcome to the club. Now that you've passed the initiation rite its all down hill right over the cliff.

OBTW I've observed that keeping the hair high and tight helps especially when your trying to pull it out.

kelly jack said...

My brother teaches middle school and he has told me of things at that level that you would'nt want to believe. It was sad reading about the young women and their attitude about sex and basically no self respect,this really made me think about my dauhters future and what we as parents need to do.

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