Tuesday, September 13, 2005


To any of you who read this blog and I don't talk to you personally (hello...is anyone out there???), just wanted you to know I am still around but not able to blog much. I have started taking some mandatory refresher classes related to my seasonal part-time second job that will last this month and I have started co-teaching Sunday School on the book of 1 John and I will start being the director of our Sparks club for AWANA on Sunday nights, so I am pretty busy right now. Not to mention my full time job and duties around the house (don't ask my wife right now about that last item). So I will try and not let the blog fall into disuse.

Toward that goal, for those of you who haven't heard the churches in the county that I live in have formed a disaster relief organization wherein Christians within our geographic locale can show their love for those who have been affected by disasters. The web site is www.effinghamcares.org. Check it out.


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