Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Good Idea

Joe Thorn over at Words of Grace Blog has a good post about improving your blog, and I think by improving he means more Christ-like. I agree with the person who made the first comment. I also have to continuously attitude check my posts and comments and have already failed. I started this blog out by wanting to keep a civil and humble tone, and that still is my goal. Gives me something to work for, to say the least.

Grace words to you,

5 comments: said...

At first I was hypocritically thinking about other bloggers who seem to write without much grace, but then I realized that I can be pretty graceless myself. I need to repent first.

Thanks for the link man.

Steve said...

Yes Joe, you NEED to repent. :)

It's "Thorn" w/o an "e" Russ. You have discovered a good blogger in Joe.


Russ said...


Thank you for the post.


Whoops. Fixed it. Thanks!

Dax said...

Anyone who thinks they don't need to read the link definitely needs to read it. I was convicted and challenged by it. Thanks.

Dax said...
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