Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pat Robertson Leg Presses 2000 lbs ???

You are not going to believe this.


Dax said...

I remember Dan Kendra. He was a freak at FSU. Pat Robertson is full of it. I guess he's hitting the weights to prepare for Armageddon. This just confirms that you can't believe any thing that comes from him.

Russ said...

Yea. If you look at the video he moves the weight like 3 inches.

Jesse said...

I love it! Pat is the man. Whenever I need a laugh he seems to supply. Protein shakes! THAT'S what makes him such a wild man! Sorry, but if those shakes are going to make me goofy, I'll pass... even if they do give me the ability to leg press 2000 lbs. :)
btw, some of the comments on the post you linked to were hilarious (specifically the ones about Hugo Chavez)

kelly jack said...

I read an article that said leg press machines will not even hold that much weight, but we are talking about a man that also said he turned a hurricane by praying on the 700 club.

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