Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Govenor Roy Moore???

Here is a link to a very interesting article on former Alabama State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore. Here are some snippets I thought were interesting.

"When they don't understand that it wasn't about a monument, or the Ten Commandments, or disobedience of a federal court order, but about obedience to the U.S. Constitution and the acknowledgment of God which cannot be prohibited by any authority, then when you get that message out, you can go to the platform, [and] they start to see that."

"Every function of government is related" to the acknowledgment of God, he says. "For example, an understanding of God leads to an understanding of the fallen nature of man, which leads to the separation of powers, checks and balances. . . . Then you understand why judges can't make law, and legislators can't enforce law, and the executives can't put themselves above the law."

His arguments for limited government portray this political philosophy as the only one for those who believe in God. He quotes Jefferson: " 'Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.' Now that had a meaning back in 1700 which is true today. Tyrants are those who put [themselves] above the law of God and become all-powerful. They control everything--your life, your liberty, your pursuit of happiness. In this country, those things are given by God and government is there to secure them."

Can more than one deity, I ask, be held in official esteem in America? Not if religious tolerance is to be maintained, Mr. Moore argues: "The Judeo-Christian God is the one that gives religious liberty. The Muslim God, Allah, does not give religious liberty. If you want to prove that, go to Saudi Arabia and lift up your Bible on a street corner, and you'll find out what the Muslim God--they say--dictates.
"They dictate a form of worship through the government, and that's what their God mandates--they say. Our God does not mandate that at all. . . . Our God says that that freedom is between you and me, not you and government. That's the big difference. . . . And that's exactly why Muslims and Buddhists and others are free to worship [here] the way they want, not dictated by government."


kelly jack said...

Hi Russ,
This nation would be better off with a few more Judge Moores on the bench. Alabama had a chance to step out and support this obvious man of God and they tucked tail and ran.
Steve told me about yours and Roberts blogs so I've finally got a chance to drop by. I,m not attending a Reformed Baptist church so its nice to find out whats going on from like minded Christians.
Oh by the way if you are wondering who I am Steve invited me to atttend the Ligonier conference with Ephesus a couple years back.

In Christ,
Kelly Anderson

Russ said...


I remembered who you were before you told me! Good to hear from you and I welcome your comments. Hope things are going well and you can come visit us at Ephesus some time or go to Ligonier again.


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