Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Apocalyptic Christmas?

Shouldn't I take a break from the Apocalypse to highlight the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay? Isn't there something kind of, well, unseasonable about teaching, at this time of year, about a Christ who bears a sword and a cosmic entourage, who prepares his people a messianic banquet and then prepares for the birds a banquet of the flesh and blood of his enemies (Rev 19:17-19)? It is hard to imagine Tiny Tim exclaiming "God bless us every one" after hearing my lesson on southern-fried Gog and Magog.

Read the whole thing here.

Man, I have so many mixed feelings about Christmas that I am not ready to dive into that subject fully, but wouldn't it dampen a lot of people's exuberence for "the holidays" if we more boldly proclaimed that the little baby you have in your manger scene or the one down the street will one day come back to judge their every thought and action and the only way to escape impending eternal punishment is to bow the knee and place their faith in his bloody sacrifice on the cross?

Happy Holidays!

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