Friday, October 21, 2005

More on Worship

Worship in truth requires a right conception of who we worship, but also of how we worship him. It requires right methods that are taught by God’s Word. All through the Bible, we find people worshiping God sincerely but according to their own ideas of worship – and they are rejected by God. The first was Cain, who failed to bring a blood sacrifice for his sins and thus was turned away. Nadab and Abihu brought “unauthorized fire” into the Lord’s house and they “died before the Lord” (Num. 3:4). Perhaps the most significant example of false worship is the golden calf made by Aaron at the peoples’ request, while Moses was away on the mountain with God. It is important to know that the name “Yahweh” was inscribed on the golden calf: this idolatrous feast was offered to “the Lord” (Ex. 32:5). They sought to worship the true God in a false way, according to their own designs, and God was angered with great fury.

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